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Jolie Cooks with Madhu Column:  Jolie's Prediction: This Recipe Will Go Viral

Posted on September 7, 2021 at 10:00 AM by Madhu Gadia

September 7, 2021

Jolie Cooks with Madhu Column: 
Jolie Predicts: This Recipe Will Go Viral



Sweet-and-Sour Winter Squash (KadduLink to Jolie's Video as she makes Sweet and Sour Winter Squash (Kaddu) in her kitchen.

Madhu notes that squash “cooked in this style is my personal favorite vegetable.”   That’s an extreme comment coming from Madhu, who knows her vegetables and her recipes. Could this compete with my fave veggie recipe of sweet potatoes with apples, onions, and loads of butter?  

With this question lurking in the back of my mind, I got down to work on Madhu’s recipe. I doubled it and peeled and cut two butternut squashes into small pieces. This veggie’s vibrant orange color caught my eye and made the prep work go quickly.

The directions were clear, as usual. Madhu notes that the fenugreek seeds give this dish its unique flavor.  This was the first time I’ve used fenugreek in Cooking with Madhu.  After the squash cooked down with the addition of water and the spices, I added the sugar and the lemon juice and mashed the squash in the pan with a potato masher.  

Jolie's Sweet-and-Sour Winter Squash (Kaddu) photoReactions were unanimously positive:

Ted: “Mmmmm. Oh my gosh. What a subtle blending of flavors.  Make it for Thanksgiving!”

Son: “It’s an unexpected take on squash.  I like the way the spice complements its sweetness. It would be a great flavor on a plate of Indian food.”

Neighbor: “I really liked this take on squash. I’d like to have it again.”

I agree that its sweet and sour blend and undercurrent of spices make this dish worthy of any festival in any country.  I must concede that this squash rivals my sweet potato dish and is much healthier. Yes, this subtle Indian squash will be the new star on our Thanksgiving table this year.

My Prediction:  "This recipe will go viral."

Madhu’s Comments

I’m elated that Jolie and family like this kaddu recipe as much as I do (Sweet-and-Sour Winter Squash). This is a must-dish at every Diwali table in my house. Even my friends have come to expect it. Diwali this year is on November 4th, will share more then. (FYI, kaddu translated is pumpkin, and it is also the name of this mashed winter squash dish; languages can be so hard to translate.)

Link to Sweet-and-Sour Winter Squash (Kaddu) recipeI recently met one of my students from my early cooking demo days. She recognized me and called me out. After catching up & chit-chat, she told me that the Kaddu/Winter Squash is their family favorite, a must at Thanksgiving table - they call it “Madhu’s Kaddu or Madhu's Squash.” What an accolade, thank you. 

Calling it Madhu’s Kaddu made me laugh and brought a flood of memories: Even as a child, I loved kaddu and would eat more than my share. My younger brother and I would often fight (how unusual), and if all else fails, he would tease me with Madhu Kaddu, Madhu Kaddu - totally pointless, but boy, it got under my skin and I cried. Parents had to come rescue. (We were less than 10 years old.)

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Jolie’s prediction comes true and this recipe goes viral - give it a try. 

Recipe: Sweet and Sour Winter Squash (Kaddu), New Indian Home Cooking, page 135 
Or see Recipe on website: Sweet and Sour Winter Squash (Kaddu)

Disclaimer: "Jolie Cooks with Madhu" is an independent column. The views expressed are Jolie Zimmers's personal cooking experiences and do not represent any product or company. They are not paid or reimbursed by any third party for their viewpoints. 

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