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Let's Celebrate – Indian Buffet

Posted on October 23, 2020 at 1:00 PM by Madhu Gadia

October 23, 2020   

Let's Celebrate – Indian Buffet


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Dear Friends

Happy Holidays! It seems a little early, but not in my house. Diwali, a Hindu festival, falls around this time. Most Indian religious holidays are based on the lunar calendar; this year, Diwali is on November 14th. Diwali is celebrated with similar reverence as Christmas or Hanukkah. The celebrations start almost a month before with various religious and social events. This year the festivities began on October 17th with Navratri (nine-day festival), followed by Durga Puja, Dussehra, and then Diwali. Symbolically, Diwali celebrates "victory of good over evil" and signifies the uplifting of spiritual darkness.

Diwali's main components include; cleaning the house, visiting family and friends, lighting oil lamps, lots and lots of food, praying to the goddess Lakshmi for wealth, and fireworks.

By the way, Happy Halloween. When kids were little, we always made time for Halloween; it's one of my daughter's favorite holiday. Interestingly, pumpkins are also a huge part of Diwali, so I intermingle the decorations.

Let's Celebrate – Indian Buffet

Here I'm sharing an article that I wrote for Better Homes and Gardens® magazine - Appetizers®. The recipes were all from the New Indian Home Cooking and were tested at the famous BHG test kitchen.

For over 25 years I have been hosting a Diwali party. I'm so bummed that this year I can't host a party. We'll make the best of it. Hope you're able to celebrate your holidays with a few family members and friends; while keeping a social distance.  

Dazzle your guests with exotic flavors and a spicy good time with these easy-to-make Indian appetizers served buffet style.

Diwali blessings: May health, wealth, and prosperity be bestowed on you and your family!

Happy and Healthy Cooking! 



Better Homes and Gardens – Appetizers® magazine           

Indian Buffet for less than $100

Family and feasts go hand in hand during the holidays. Checkout these Diwali-inspired buffet for 16 guests to light up your holiday table. The recipes include make-ahead directions, so this buffet promises to be easy on the host. It's also easy on the pocketbook. For less than $100 you can make all 10 authentic delicious dishes. If you're looking to spend less, serve fewer items that best meet your budget. Although the article was written sometime back the prices are pretty similar.

Recipe - please click each recipe. 

Download the full Indian Buffet article here. 

Chivra (Snack Mix)

Black-Eyed Peas with Pita Wedges -  (also see video on Black Eyed Peas)

Potato-Stuffed Samosas Recipe page1 and page2

Cilantro Chutney  

Mango Lassi


Lamb Meatballs with Cucumber Raita              

Tandoori Chicken Wings (also see video on Tandoori Chicken)

Coconut Sweets (Coconut Burfi)

Halwa with Almonds and Raisins Recipe page1 and page2

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