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Introducing: Jolie Cooks With Madhu Column: Potato Stew Curry (Lipte Aloo) 

Posted on June 8, 2021 at 10:00 AM by Madhu Gadia

June 8, 2021

Introducing: Jolie Zimmer and 
Jolie Cooks With Madhu Column:
Potato Stew Curry (Lipte Aloo



Hello Everyone, 
I’m Jolie Zimmer; I live in Milwaukee, WI. I’m a retired teacher, wife and have four children and seven grandchildren. This is my first “Jolie Cooks with Madhu” Column. After making one recipe from The Indian Vegan Kitchen, I was hooked. I wanted to learn more. I reached out to Madhu, and together with her help, we decided to turn it into a column and share it on her blog. 

This is how I got started. 

Why I’m Cooking with Madhu

I’ve always loved eating in Indian restaurants.  About five years ago, my husband Ted and I spent three weeks in India.  Every day, three wonderful meals formed a perfect background for the people, sites, and culture we were experiencing.  I’ve tried cooking Indian recipes from time to time, but they never tasted “real.”  About a month ago, I stumbled on Madhu’s The Indian Vegan Cooking at my public library.  After making one easy recipe for potatoes, “Potato Stew (Lipte Aloo),” and taking my first flavorful bite, I knew I had found my own “Julia”!  

Inspired by the movie Julie and Julia!

Did you ever see the movie, Julie and Julia?  It’s about a woman named Julie who decides to cook her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Along the way, Julie gets a new perspective on life and becomes a confident cook. I was inspired by the movie. 

I decided right then to turn to Madhu as my guide. I found her website, and I emailed her about my success with her Aloo recipe: 

Hi Madhu,
“I literally stopped mid-bite just now after tasting Lipte Aloo from your The Indian Vegan Kitchen (page 98). We are not vegans but love Indian food.  I have attempted cooking Indian dishes in the past, but the recipes never tasted "real."  This is the first Indian recipe that I cooked and swooned over.  I am not exaggerating:  the potato needs this recipe!!”

Since then, we have been exchanging emails about how I can progress confidently and cook a range of healthy Indian dishes. I offered to be the Julie (from Julie and Julia) and cook through her books. Since then, I’ve purchased my copy of The Indian Vegan Kitchen and also the New Indian Home Cooking.

Goal: Mastering the Art of Indian Cooking 

We’ve decided to start a column, Jolie Cooks with Madhu, on her blog, “Cooking With Madhu.” With teacher Madhu at my virtual side, I’ll cook 20 of her recipes, and I’ll share our thoughts. By the end, I hope to Master the Art of Indian Cooking! 

Sign up for the blog: I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences with the readers, and I look forward to your comments and experiences too. 

Madhu’s Comments: 

Hi Jolie, welcome to the world of Indian cuisine. I’m elated that you are using my cookbooks to learn authentic Indian cooking. I’m honored to be your guide and guru (teacher). Who knew that your first bite of the Potato Stew (Lipte Aloo) would take you on a journey to mastering the art of Indian cooking. I’m excited to hear about your experiences, likes, dislikes, and challenges with each recipe.  

Did you know Indians love potatoes? My mother put potatoes in everything. I grew up eating potato curry a few times a week, potatoes with tomatoes, onions, or peas. Aloo (pronounced aa - loo), translated in Hindi, is potatoes. Lipte means smothered or coated; thus, this is a tomato and spices coated potatoes. It’s thick like a stew. Just scoop with bread and enjoy. 

Recipe: Potato Stew (Lipte Aloo): The Indian Vegan Kitchen (page 98), and it is also on the website

Dear Readers: Please support Jolie in her adventure by commenting on her column here or on social media; #JolieCooksWithMadhu, #MasteringTheArtOfIndianCooking. 

Disclaimer: "Jolie Cooks with Madhu" is an independent column. The views expressed are Jolie Zimmers's personal cooking experiences and do not represent any product or company. They are not paid or reimbursed by any third party for their viewpoints.

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