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Happy Healthy Holidays & Quick 30-Minute Meals

Posted on December 16, 2021 at 11:00 AM by Madhu Gadia

December 16, 2021

Happy Healthy Holidays! 
(and Quick 30-Minute Meals)


Dear Friends,

December is a time of reflection. First and foremost, I want to thank YOU for supporting me by subscribing to my blog, buying my books, and following me on social media – see links above. I am eternally grateful for your support.

As I write this blog, I also started my annual list of feats and triumphs, "My Accomplishments 2021." All year long, I make a To-Do list, and in December, I take pleasure in closing the year with a done list, however small. I hope you, too, will take the time to focus on your 2021 endeavors and accomplishments.  

Healthy Holidays

The holiday season can be challenging to stay on track with healthy eating goals. How can you eat well and enjoy your favorite homemade treats, office parties, and big meals? Here are 10 Tips for a healthful holiday to help you celebrate the season without feeling guilty or deprived. After all, savoring food is part of enjoying the holidays. 

10 TIPS for a healthful holiday

Follow these 10 suggestions to celebrate the season and enjoy your favorite foods while staying on top of your diabetes. by MADHU GADIA, M.S., R.D., CDE 
illustrator: ED FOTHERINGHAM

1. Stick to your schedule
2. Plan Ahead
3. Size Matters
4. Relax and Enjoy
5. Choose Wisely
6. Trim fat and Sugar
8. Think before you drink
9. Make time for exercise
10. Be realistic

Quick and Easy less than 30 minutes Recipes:

Finding time to cook is a challenge, especially when you're running around doing numerous holiday tasks. Resist the temptation to eat out in lieu of time. Here are some delicious recipes that you can make in about 30 minutes. Serve them with a salad (buy a bag of ready-to-eat salad) and rice or whole-grain flatbreads for a complete and satisfying meal. Remember, if you eat well, you will be less tempted to snack the night away.

Baked Fish with Black Pepper (Machhi Kali Mirch) - Sprinkle the fish with spices, let marinate for 5 to10 minutes and bake.


Quick Chickpea Curry (Kabuli Chane Ki Subji) - For quick and easy meals, I can't say enough about having a few cans of chickpeas on hand at all times; it's a staple in my pantry. Quick Chickpea Curry is one of my standbys on any "harried" day. I know I can feed the family a hearty meal with minimum effort and feel good about it.


Ginger-Spinach Pink Lentils (Adrak-Palak Dal) - Pink lentils are one of the quickest beans to cook. Once cooked, add chopped spinach and seasoning and ta-da; you have a hot bowl of delicious dal soup.

Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year!  


Madhu Gadia

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