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Baked Black Pepper Fish (Curry)

March 12, 2020

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Baked Black Pepper Fish (Curry)

Please see blog for recipe

Fish for All Occasions! (Blog)

Fish is a delicious, low fat, high protein food that has a way of swimming into all kinds of restrictive meals. During Lent, which begins Ash Wednesday and runs until Easter, some people give up eating meat on Fridays. Others may not eat meat for the full season. But fish is ok. For some muddled reasons fish is not meat. In Bengal, India, fish is called “jal torai – water gourd” and thus eaten by all vegetarians, including Brahmins/priest class. Many converted vegetarians throughout the world, will include fish into their diet. Everyone appears to have a different reason to include fish. Read more, see blog

Baked Black Pepper Recipe 
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