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Unraveling The Mystery Of Indian Cooking

Posted on July 31, 2020 at 2:00 PM by Madhu Gadia

July 31, 2020 
The Culinary Woman Newsletter   
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Dear Friends,
Today, I’m sharing my hopes and dreams as featured in the CulinaryWoman newsletter by Micheline Maynard.  I had the privilege of being interviewed by Micheline, author of the newsletter. An alum of The New York Times and NPR, Maynard started the CulinaryWoman newsletter to write food stories with a business twist.

Micheline started the newsletter at the end of June. I am grateful to be one of her first featured culinary women. Thank you, Micheline.

Let’s just go the newsletter. Along with my story, you will also learn about Ina Pinkney, a culinary woman of the week, the cookbook Mosquito Supper Club by Melissa M. Martin, and more.


Unraveling The Mystery Of Indian Cooking 

Madhu says her goal is to make all types of cooks feel comfortable understanding and using, the techniques and especially the spices that Indian cuisine incorporates.

“People think that Indian cooking is complicated. It’s not complicated,” she says. “My goal is to unravel that.”


I asked her a good place for beginners to start, and she immediately pointed me to her video called Introduction to Indian Spices: Beyond Curry Powder.

I hope you will forward this to your friends and family and sign up for my blog, Cooking with Madhu, and CulinaryWoman newsletter.


Recipe and Video - Dal Fry - Make this easy delicious Dal Fry (seasoned toor dal) in Instant Pot or pressure cooker. 

Be Safe.
Happy and Healthy Cooking!

Madhu Gadia, RD

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