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Cooking for One

Posted on July 17, 2020 at 1:00 PM by Madhu Gadia

July 17, 2020
Cooking for One


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For most people, feeding our self has somehow become an overwhelming task under this coronavirus lockdown, social distancing, and working from home. Obviously, we fed ourselves before, yes it was some work, but we had a routine; we cooked some, we ordered some, and we shared meals with colleagues, family, and friends. But now, it's me, me, and me. In this COVID-19 environment, it's most challenging for single people. 

I had a "cooking" chat with a few singles recently, including my son Nitin, and niece Ishani Nath. Although working from home was not a new phenomenon for either of them, but quarantine has definitely made it challenging to feed themselves every day.  

Niece's confession: No, The Covid-19 Quarantine Hasn't Made Me A Better Cook 

Ishani Nath (my niece), a journalist in Toronto, wrote the article, see below, for Chatelaine magazine, one month into the quarantine - well, she says it best. 

Quarantine Hasn't Made Me A Better Cook—And I'm OK With That
I don't enjoy cooking for myself; I simply cook to survive. During a pandemic, that's more than enough. 
By Ishani Nath

Snacks are Not a Meal Replacement: 

Nitin, being a son of a dietitian, should know how to put together a balanced meal – apparently, it's a tall order. Proudly, at least I can say, he tries to eat healthful foods. The other day, he told me that he had some popcorn, cheese, peaches, and a bell pepper through the evening, and that was dinner. Technically, it was a nutritionally balanced meal, and he was full. But he agreed, he was not satisfied, "It didn't feel like a meal." 

Food is more than just nutrients. A hot dish is more filling and satisfying beyond just its nutritional value. We talked about some quick and easy meals Nitin can put together to increase his satisfaction, such as adding a bowl of chili or soup to his piecemeal. 

Cooking for One

Whether you like to cook or not, at the end of the day, you do need to take care of yourself. Hopefully, well-tested recipes will encourage you to get in the kitchen and enjoy putting together a yummy, satisfying meal. 

Often, leftovers are a blessing, and sometimes you just can't eat the same dish one more time. In theory, making a full recipe for one person sounds practical, but it can get old fast. If the dish freezes well, divide into single portion servings and freeze it as soon as possible. 

I created the single-serving recipes, see below for the Vegetarian Times magazine. I have developed Indian and non-Indian recipes for magazines such as Diabetic Cooking and Appetizer Magazine, to name a few. I enjoy developing recipes; it's a creative and challenging process.

 Table for One (Vegetarian Times)         

Try these tasty, single-serving entrées – since the only palate, you have to please is your own – feel free to personalize each dish for ultimate satisfaction. They are all quick and easy – cook in 30 minutes or less

Rice Noodles Bowl with Broccoli and Bell Peppers

Kidney Beans and Tomato Curry

Toasted Whole Wheat Couscous with Basil and Sunflower Seeds

Pink Lentils with Zucchini

Eggplant Parmesan   


Stay Safe. 
Happy and Healthy Cooking! 
Madhu Gadia, RD


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