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Indian Vegan Customer Reviews

Since I have Type 2 diabetes and have successfully reversed it by switching first to a lowfat vegetarian diet, and then to a lowfat vegan diet (with even better results), I was thrilled to find a vegan cookbook which highlights... Read Moreabout JoAnne Zoller Wagner testimonial

JoAnne Zoller Wagner

This book is unique, detailed recipes, highly recommend: This book uses some american beans and veggies unlike most traditional Indian cuisine books. I really like that fact so you don't have potatoes, peas and cauliflower in every recipe. Very detailed... Read Moreabout Chef Macro testimonial

Chef Macro

I really like this book! Lots of delicious recipes without all the fat so typical in Indian cuisine! Read Moreabout Calra Fontana testimonial

Calra Fontana

I have always been on the fence about Indian food - sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. But I do love how vegetarian-friendly the cuisine is, so I was thrilled to see an all-vegan cookbook. I bought it to... Read Moreabout K. I. Hope testimonial

K. I. Hope
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