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Indian Vegan Customer Reviews

Since I have Type 2 diabetes and have successfully reversed it by switching first to a lowfat vegetarian diet, and then to a lowfat vegan diet (with even better results), I was thrilled to find a vegan cookbook which highlights... Read Moreabout JoAnne Zoller Wagner testimonial

JoAnne Zoller Wagner

This book uses some american beans and veggies unlike most traditional indian cuisine books. I really like that fact so you don't have potatoes, peas and cauliflower in every recipe. Very detailed recipes, very well laid out book. Highly recommended. Read Moreabout Chef Macro testimonial

Chef Macro

I really like this book! Lots of delicious recipes without all the fat so typical in Indian cuisine! Read Moreabout Calra Fontana testimonial

Calra Fontana

I have always been on the fence about Indian food - sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. But I do love how vegetarian-friendly the cuisine is, so I was thrilled to see an all-vegan cookbook. I bought it to... Read Moreabout K. I. Hope testimonial

K. I. Hope
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