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February 2012 Indian eRecipes Newsletter

Posted on 02/12/2012 at 09:05 PM by Madhu Gadia

February 2012
American Heart Month

Dear Madhu,

February is all about the heart. Of course, there is Valentine’s Day with all its commercial glamour of heart-shaped everything from balloons to chocolate; it’s hard not to get caught in the excitement – and why not, it’s heartwarming and fun. I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Valentine’s Day. And February is also the American Heart Month – in recognition of an important program to urge Americans to join the battle against cardiovascular diseases.

Love Your Heart
In the United States, coronary heart disease (CHD) is the #1 cause of death for both men and women. There are many known CHD risk factors, some you can control others you cannot. In simple therapeutic terms, you can lower your risk of CHD if you take care of yourself by eating healthfully, exercising regularly, and not smoking. For more information on a heart-healthy diet, go to the American Heart Association.

Go Red
Cardiovascular disease is not just an “older man’s disease” as once believed. The Heart Truth®: one in four women in the United States dies of heart disease, while one in 30 dies of breast cancer, and yet women are not paying attention. Learn more about women and heart disease on Go Red for Women website.

Eat Potassium: Go Beyond Banana
Potassium helps to prevent and control high blood pressure. Be sure to get enough potassium daily. Several fruits, vegetables, and dairy foods are good sources of potassium, not just bananas:
Banana: 1 medium: 595 mg; Orange: 1 medium: 237 mg
Orange juice: 1 cup: 496 mg; Cantaloupe: 1 cup: 494 mg
Beans: 1 cup cooked: 460 mg; Potato, baked, 6oz: 1081 mg
Milk, fat free: 1 cup: 407 mg: Peanuts: 1 oz: 187 mg

Happy Valentine’s Day
Chocolate lovers rejoice. Dark chocolate and its primary ingredient cocoa, are naturally rich in free radical-fighting antioxidants known as flavonoids.  The recommended serving for dark chocolate is 1 ounce per day. Look for dark chocolate with 40 – 70% cocoa bean or “cacao” content.

February Recipes
The secrets to eating healthfully are planning and grocery shopping. It is easier to cook and eat healthfully when you have a menu plan and the ingredients on hand. And it always helps to have some easy, simple, delicious recipes. Check out these quick recipes that you can make in fewer than 30 minutes; they are heart-healthy and flavorful to boot.  Salmon, kale, soy (tofu), and cracked wheat are all ingredients packed with antioxidants. 
Enjoy these easy, delicious, and heart-healthy recipes:

Kale-Tofu Pilaf (Saag-Tofu Pulao)
Spicy Grilled Salmon
Cracked Wheat Pilaf (Uppama)

Happy and Healthy Cooking!
Madhu Gadia

P.S. Curry Bar Update: I have been totally involved in the “curry bar” project, writing the menus and adjusting recipes for volume cooking. It has been six weeks since the “curry bar” opened at Aetna café and it’s doing great. The food is well received and we have repeat customers. We serve approximately 170 customers for lunch every day. I was worried that if we had Indian food every day, 5 days a week, the novelty would wear off and our customer base would decline—but not so. Indians and non-Indians alike love the food and tell us so repeatedly. The chef and the cooks are doing a great job of following the recipes and are eager to learn the basics of Indian cooking. I am so glad that I stuck to what I do best – healthy home-style food.

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