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May 2011 eRecipes

Posted on 09/25/2011 at 06:20 PM by Madhu Gadia

May 2011
Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear Madhu,

My world right now is colored with yellow Forsythias, pink flowering crab trees, and red tulips, and I am soaking it all in. I have spring fever and take every opportunity to be outside. This past weekend, I went for a long walk in the park and counted 12 colors of tulips, sat out at a café and had brunch with a friend, and visited a nursery and bought a fully loaded pot of purple pansies. Now spring is in my living room.

Exercise for Health, Sanity, and Energy
You know that exercise is good for you – but do you know what is the most important benefit for you? There are so many benefits of exercise but the best reason is the one (or two) that makes you want to workout. For me the most important reason is the increase energy level. I actually discovered that I need to exercise for energy in reverse gear. Let me explain, few years ago, after dinner I said, “I am exhausted,” then I said it again the next day, and the next and the next. I felt physically and emotionally drained. When I analyzed my time I came to the conclusion that I was my normal super busy self—with two small kids, a job, and a home—so of course, I was busy, nothing new. Except for some reason, I had not gone for my regular walks. Of course, I immediately took myself for a walk and in about three days I was back to my normal energy level. It still happens, once in while, that I get too busy to exercise but now I know that I must exercise or I will not feel good. Thus the reverse part is that I don’t necessarily feel good when I exercise but without it, I feel bad. My favorite exercise is walking, and I walk minimum 3 times a week, 20 to 50 minutes per session. Besides energy, exercise also…

  1. Makes me feel better
  2. Helps me cope with stress
  3. Clarifies my thinking
  4. Helps me manage weight
  5. Reduces aches and pain

Walking is the Best Exercise
This is not to say that other forms of exercise are not good but several studies have shown that simple walking can have just as many benefits as other more strenuous exercises. Walking is easy, you do not need any equipment except a good pair of shoes, and you can walk anywhere. The general recommendation for health and disease prevention is to exercise minimum of 150 minutes per week, that is 5 days per week, 30 minutes per session.

Book Accolades
Last month I received several wonderful emails from cooks around the country who have tried recipes from my books and loved the results. I received emails for both books (actually all three of them). Thank you so much; I am sharing a couple of them for each book.
The Indian Vegan Kitchen
Madhu, I bow to you for creating a wonderful marriage between Indian food and veganism!!! I am so, so happy! Thank you!  –Michelle

 “I ordered The Indian Vegan Kitchen cookbook after reading all the amazing reviews. I just wanted to tell you that YOU are an AMAZING chef! Okra & onions, bean burger, your garam masala, omg everything has been phenomenal! My boyfriend, a self-described "meat & potatoes kinda guy, loves it so much he actually started cooking in the kitchen just to make recipes from your book. Much love!  – Diana

New Indian Home Cooking:
“Hi Madhu, I want to let you know how much I love your book New Indian Home Cooking. I was always intimidated by Indian cooking, but you make it very easy and approachable. I now make Indian dishes at least once a week. I promoted your book on my site:  Thanks  – Maureen

 “I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful work. I made two dishes from your book "Lite and Luscious Cuisine of India"& they were absolutely fantastic. It is so awesome to have access to recipes that are tasty, healthy, easy to prepare & economical. Thank you!” –Michelle
(Note: Lite and Luscious Cuisine of India was republished as New Indian Home Cooking.)

May Recipes
It seems appropriate to share recipes from both The Indian Vegan Kitchen and New Indian Home Cooking this month. Ground Lamb and Peas (Kheema) is a very easy dish to make and one of the most popular lamb or mutton dishes in Indian cuisine. Enjoy Kheema with whole wheat roti or bread and mint chutney. Mint flavor goes really well with lamb. My family loves this sweet and sour mint chutney, so I usually make a double batch and freeze it when mint is abundant and inexpensive. It’s a great accompaniment to most dals (beans) too. Okra and Onions is one of my favorite vegetables. I can just roll up a roti with okra and devour it. For best results, choose tender fresh okra and cook it as soon as possible.  Enjoy. 

Ground Lamb with Peas (Kheema)
Mint Chutney (Pudina Chutney)
Okra and Onions (Bhindi-Pyaj)

Happy and Healthy Cooking!
Madhu Gadia

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