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June 2009 eRecipes

Posted on 06/11/2010 at 03:41 PM by Global Reach

JUNE 2009

Spring is in full bloom! The grass and trees are lush green and flowers are popping up everywhere. The weather is as ideal as it can get up here in Midwest America—Ames, Iowa. We had our first backyard party and I grilled chicken, vegetables, and corn on the cob. We all enjoyed the wonderful outdoors until the bugs sent us scratching inside.

Spring is a great time to get in shape. I have been gardening and taking long walks. My goal is do some physical activity at least 5 days a week. What are YOU doing to enjoy spring and get/stay in shape?

The recipes I picked this month are ideal for the hot month ahead. Lassi (yogurt drink) is cool, refreshing, and energizing. Make it plain or add your favorite fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, or mango. The Rice Pilaf with Peas is a great side dish but I have been known to just have the pilaf and Lassi and call it a meal. The Blackened Chicken is quick, flavorful, and low in calories to boot. Serve it over the pilaf, or slice it in a salad, or tuck it in a sandwich.

This e-letter is my way of reaching out to you, the cooks and Indian food lovers. Drop me a line or two if you have any suggestions or ideas for future newsletters.

Happy and Healthy Cooking!
Madhu Gadia

Yogurt Drink (Lassi)
Rice Pilaf With Peas (Matar Pulao)
Blackened Chicken (Kali Mirch Murgh)


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