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Indian Cooking Instructor

Indian Cooking Instructor and Recipe Developer 

My focus is to share easy, simple recipes so that anyone—seasoned to novice cooks—can prepare authentic Indian food at home. 

I teach the art and science of Indian cooking to home cooks and professional chefs. I am from North India and I have traveled throughout India. I truly enjoy cooking a variety of Indian regional dishes. With both my cooking and health expertise, I have been able to combine the exotic and alluring tastes of India with the health and practical demands of today’s lifestyle.

Cooking Classes and Demonstrations:

I have also taught a variety of cooking classes and cooking demos that are well attended and received. I have been teaching Indian cooking classes for over 20 years.

Recipe Developer

I have developed recipes for magazines (Meredith Publishing, Diabetic Living), food companies (Tones, using Patak’s sauces), and food-services (Compass Group and FLIK Hospitality). See sample writings.

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