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Indian Vegan Editorial Reviews

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O, The Oprah Magazine

VegNews Magazine

New Living Magazine

East West Magazine

Spirituality & Health Magazine



India Abroad, article pdf

Des Moines Register


Wanderlust and Lipstick blog/ review

One Source Nutrition/Milton Stokes blog/review
(Talking To The Experts, Info on Indian cuisine)

Lassi With Lavina, Blog

(Terra Betts on her website blogs tests three recipes from The Indian Vegan Kitchen and says, “I was really surprised at how thorough this book by Madhu Gadia really was. It even breaks down the nutritional content!”)

Vegan About Town Blog

(Steph in her blog, Vegan About Town, tests 6 recipes from The Indian Vegan Kitchen and says: “The recipes, to my taste, were a little bit hit or miss but mostly hit.”)

(There are a lot of great Indian cookbooks out there, but we have to do a lot of converting to make them vegan. Not any more! Learn how to make all those great dishes you love to go out and eat - from dals to flat breads to chutneys. Those with food allergies will be glad to know many recipes are gluten and soy free.)

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