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New Indian Customer Reviews

"Provides even the most novice cook simple recipes that turn out better than the gourmet Indian restaurants I've been to in the United States, Hong Kong, and England. A must cookbook for all."
-John Wacker, Iowa

"New Indian Home Cooking is a winner! I have prepared at least half of the recipes and there is not a bad one in the bunch. I was fortunate enough to take a cooking class from Madhu Gadia-well after I had purchased her book-and she was delightful. Cannot go wrong with this purchase."
-Patrice Maurer

"I am an American who cooks for my Indian husband, and I've tried several cookbooks. This is the best-easy, and uses the same basic 10 spices so you don't have to go out and buy all sorts of spices you've never heard of. I wore out my first copy, and I seriously had to buy another."
-Andrea M. Pinto , Chicago

"Gadia writes in a very conversational way, she comes through as a "real person" rather than just an "author"... the recipes are really down to earth as is her writing style."
-Fanshawe, South Carolina

"The recipes in this book are reliably good, true to Indian cuisine, easy to make, and very healthy. This has become one of my favorite cookbooks and I highly recommend it."
-L. Moss, Virginia

"My wife and I found this book in the library and found it a must have. It has a wide variety of recipes including vegetarian dishes. Best of all, most of the recipes have been reworked to be low-fat, without sacrificing flavor."
-Darrel J. Van Buer, Los Angles

"I'm relatively new to Indian food. I almost never cook with spices but this book is changing me forever. I swear, tastes just like at a restaurant, without the fat. I made curry chicken, naan, green beans, and rice pudding. I really love her concise but vibrant introductory sections. Thanks for such a great book Madhu!"
-A Shutler, Chicago

"Every recipe I have tried has been amazingly good. I love Indian food, and although I have other Indian cookbooks, this is the one I return to again and again."
-Patricia Dinse, Maine

"Truth be told, I only use about half of this cookbook, but I love it. I am vegan and have not used any of the meat, chicken or seafood recipes. Every vegetarian dish I have made from this book has won raves. People who won't eat green beans eat the ones from this book, if they hate eggplant, they will eat hers. Everything comes together easily, and she gives lots of great background about real Indian cooking in the beginning of the book."
-Eyesopened, Virginia

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