My Trip To India

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My Trip To India


My Trip To India

In November, I went to India for 2 weeks. Although I go to India approximately every 3-4 years, for me it’s always a big deal. This was a short and sweet visit. Before, I left; I made all these grand plans to make this trip a culinary journey, to learn new recipes and cooking secrets from the great seasoned home cooks. But once I landed in India, it all changed. I pretty much lost all control of what I ended up eating. The food just appeared and we ate what we were served. After all, we were the guests, and every house we visited prepared their specialties, or I should say if we were at my relative’s house, they prepared my favorite foods, and my husband’s family prepared his favorite dishes.

We were well fed, and I have no complaints. Most of the time we were served, what I would classify as comfort foods – foods we grew up with. It’s these little gestures of caring and love that I find completely overwhelming; when my 80 year old uncle says, "Madhu I bought this guava just for you, because I know how much you love it," or my aunt makes me a muli paratha (Dakon stuffed flatbread) for breakfast, and insists that I eat it when it is straight off the griddle, hot and crispy. This is ultimate love.

Although, I didn’t learn any new recipes in the short two weeks, I managed to squeeze in most of my favorite foods. One of my favorite things to eat in India is "street foods." Although, I am careful about what I eat from the street vendors now, I avail every opportunity to buy foods such as fresh roasted peanuts, grilled corn, or baked sweet potatoes. The family sometimes laughs at my little quirks, but hey, I have such a short time to get everything I need. My visit to India is just as much about food as it is about visiting family and friends. One of these days, I hope to travel to India, and learn variety of regional cuisines, we’ll see. Until then, comfort foods are great.

Here are some of the photos from my trip.  Enjoy!



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Wow, who did the henna work on your feet? That's amazing!

Sleary | | | 12/21/2015 10:18 AM
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